Request FREE WOWBUTTER Samples

Request a Free Sample of WOWBUTTER, made in a dedicated 100% nut free facility and you will receive Two (16g) single serve samples. May take up to six weeks to arrive.

Due to the overwhelming number of illegitimate requests they are now asking customers to call their automated line at 1-866-296-6081 to obtain a Promotional Code to get a sample.  There is a daily sample limit.  One sample request per household.

Click here to Request a Free Sample of WOWBUTTER!

You can also request Free Samples and Literature for your School or Organization.  One display case contains 175 x 0.56 oz (16g) samples of WOWBUTTER, enough samples for 175 students or members. Each shipment will also contain 100 information flyers.

Click here to Request Free Samples for your School or Organization!

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