Free Birding Software

Peter W. Thayer company founder of Thayer Birding Software is celebrating his 70th Birthday. 

He's giving away Thayer Birding Software to any young birder in pre-K, grade school, middle school or high school. Works for Windows and Mac computers.

Thayer Birding Software Features:
  • 1007 birds seen in U.S. and Canada
  • 6,586 color photos 
  • 1,506 songs and calls 
  • 552 video clips of the birds in action
  • 700 quizzes 
  • and much more
How To Order
Click on this link to go to their website and click on the version you'd like to download.  Enter the promo code in the Checkout and download for free.

What is the Promo Code?
The Promo Code is the province you live in followed by "SchoolsYoungBirder".
Example: If you live in Alberta it would be "AlbertaSchoolsYoungBirder".


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