How I got a Free Air Wick Essential Mist Kit from Amazon (value $19.97)

Anyone who knows me knows that I'm always looking for ways to get things for cheap or even better free.  

That's why I'm really excited today because I just received my Free Air Wick Essential Mist Kit that I ordered on Amazon yesterday.

I really enjoy the smell of Lavender so I bought the Lavender & Almond and prayed I would like it.  Well good news, I love it!!

So how did I get it for free? 

  1. I paid for $17.50 of it in Free Giftcards I got from using Swagbucks. 

  2. I signed into my Shoppers Army account and used their cashback link to buy it on Amazon.
Shoppers Army is offering $5.99 cashback on Air Wick Essential Mist Kit, Lavender & Almond Blossom.  

That's a 30% cashback bonus!

Here's my Amazon Receipt Details:

Shoppers Army Cashback $5.99 - $5.07 = $0.92

So you can see that after cashback I ended up getting the Air Wick Essential Mist Kit for FREE,  Plus I earned an additional 92 cents back!

Join Swagbucks and Shoppers Army like me and you too can start finding more great ways to get free stuff online!

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