Coupons For Canadians

If you love saving money there are plenty of printable coupons available for Canadians online. 

Some can even be saved to your mobile phone and just shown in the store.  Check details per website.
  1. Pfizer
    Money saving coupons for Canadians on brands like Advil, Robax, Centrum, Robitussin, and more.

  2. Smartsource
    Their coupons go by Province and have a wide range of products they offer discounts on.  You can also print Smartsource coupons through Swagbucks and earn points for using the coupons to get free gift cards.    

  3. P&G everyday
    Printable coupons for brands like Crest, Tide, Olay and more.

  4. GoCoupons
    Doesn't usually have a lot of coupons but still worth mentioning.

  5. Websaver
    Has Digital , Printable and Amazon coupons.

  6. Tasty Rewards
    Coupons from brands like Lay’s, Doritos, Quaker, and more.

    Has a lot of coupons, some are mail-able but most are printable.

  8. Nestle
    Save on brands like Purina, Nescafe, Boost and more.

  9. Zebra Coupons
    If you don't have a printer or want to print coupons out yourself you can pay Zebra coupons $1 and they'll mail coupons you choose (in color) to you. Coupons offered are from Smartsource and Websaver.

  10. Kleenex
    Save on Kimberly-Clark brands, including Kleenex products.

  11. Advil
    Select your Province to discover coupons or mail-in rebates available in your area.

  12. Marble Slab
    Download coupons each season and save on Marble Slab Ice Cream.

  13. Jiffy Lube
    You can print Jiffy Lube coupons at home and bring them in with you on your next visit, or you can opt to provide them an email address and they'll email you coupons that you can display directly from your mobile device. 

  14. Kentucky Fried Chicken
    Select your Province and hit download to open a pdf of coupons you can print and use at your next visit to KFC.

  15. Bulk Barn
    Coupons update all the time.  Download and save at Bulk Barn in Canada.

  16. Mary Browns
    Click and download their monthly coupon and save on Mary Browns Fried Chicken and Taters.

  17. A&W
    Sign up to print delicious A&W deal coupons or access them on your mobile.

  18. Dan-On Canada
    Print coupons to save on products like Activia, OIKOS, DanActive, and more.

  19. Mrs Dash
    Occasionally offers printable coupons for savings off of Mrs Dash no salt added seasonings.

  20. Clorox
    Save on products like Glad, BRITA, Burts Bees and more.

  21. Walmart
    Various coupons you can print and use from Walmart Canada. 

  22. Kraft Canada
    Printable coupons to save on brands like Tassimo, Heinz, MAX and more.

  23. Arm & Hammer
    Occasionally offers coupons for savings off of Arm & Hammer baking soda.


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